Overview of AHU Assembly
All the units in SKD/ CKD are assembled before dispatch to check fitment and design parameters. All the assembled units are run tested before dispatch and we send free run test report along with units.
Turret Punch (Amada Japan )
All the sheet metal works are done on imported, automatic CNC turret machines. Automatic loading and unloading facility, sequential multiple operations like shearing, cutting and punching with multi progressive die, fine cutting and punching accuracy helps to increase productivity and finish.
Polyurethane Foam Injection (Canon Italy)
All the double skin panels are thermally insulated on imported (Canon, Italy) PUF injection machine. High capacity (40Kg/min), hot bad and automatically controlled system helps to inject CFC free foaming chemical in correct proportion to make heat resistance panels.
CNC Press Break (Amada Japan )
All the bending operations are done on imported Amada press break. Automatically adjustable fixture, sequential multiple bending programme help to perform all bending operation with high accuracy at high speed.
Air inspiries us to experience the spirit of freedom. The freedom to think freely, express one self and to evolve as an independent soul.
Earth is the source of stability and firmness. It reminds us to be humble while keeping our roots strong, which is one of the most vital attributes of life.
The ever flowing nature of water tells us the importance of keeping pace with the change with fluidity.
Fire is an integral part of many rituals and celebrations taking all around the world. It is considered that fire has positive and purifying effect on one's life.
The never ending Sky represents the unfathomable extent of the life. It inspires us to continously explore the never ending beauty of this mysterious life.
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