Auto Fold and Shear Machine
Engel's (Imported USA) Auto Fold & Shear combines production of blanks from coil stock with the additional capabilities of straightening, notching, beading and bending duct sections. Maximum 60” wide and up to 16 gauge sheets can be cut on this machine with high accuracy range of 0.5mm.
Plasma Cutting Machine
Non standard ducts are cut on Vulcan’s plasma arc machine uses advanced technology to be able to take CAD (Computer Aided Design) models, directly from the specialized computer software and translate that information directly into computer controlled motions which allows us to cut exact patterns out of any metal with plasma. Plasma cutting works on the principle of a super hot arc of electricity blown through a tiny hole with a compressed gas. This allows you to economically cut intricate shapes from any conductive metal. Not only that, but because the 'jet' is a nearly parallel column of plasma, the cut can be very narrow, typically <0.050". Double table plasma arc machine is used to increase volume and reduce idle time of machine as we have two tables and complete piece can be removed from one table while cutting on the other.
TDF/ TDC Flange Machine
TDF/ TDC flange of ducts are made on straight duct work and fittings on Engel's Roll Former. TDF/ TDC flagger is one of the universal flange making systems in the world on rectangular duct, with low cost, well-seal and easy-fabrication, specially suitable to produce a duct with medium to high section area . As a flexible machine, we can manufacture TDF cleat and standing “s” cleats on this machine.
Seam Closer
Engle’s Pittsburgh seam closer machine makes the ideal seam joint on straight or bent ducts made of pre-formed pinned together border profiles. Aesthetically pleasing and solid fittings are produced without having to use additional fitting elements.
Corner Mating
Engle’s Corner Mating Machine automatically inserts corners into both ends at once and crimps them into place. The optional adjustable model accepts 4- to 6-foot sections. With the help of this machine we can increase duct’s strength, reduce duct assemble snag, decrease leakage, eliminate twist.
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Earth is the source of stability and firmness. It reminds us to be humble while keeping our roots strong, which is one of the most vital attributes of life.
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The never ending Sky represents the unfathomable extent of the life. It inspires us to continously explore the never ending beauty of this mysterious life.
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