The strong relationship between the members of the ZECO - family is a key factor that enables us to deliver top of the line products and exceptional customer service. The network of experts rises to deliver from some uncanny challenges, empowering total control.
Our dynamic work environment is a gathering of a league of specialists with vast experience and knowledge. Some develop new ideas and technology; others engineer varied aspects of every machine improving mechanisms (as the innovated specially designed AHUs.) Some more, dispensing perceptive advice and the right insights relevant to organizations, adhering still to total quality control measures, making sure our systems deliver the promised parameters of cooling and ventilation.
While all, committed to providing the customer with the highest level of services; working ceaselessly towards a shared dream of exceeding expectation through technical excellence and outstanding systems.
We at ZECO, have an adaptive culture aligned to our business goal. We are a customer focused company with highly effective systems and processes. High degree of adaptability, high accountability standard, commitment to learning and skill development are a few distinguished characteristics of our work culture.
ZECO treats its employees as a prime asset and offers numerous opportunities for their empowerment. Training and mentorship workshops are organized at regular intervals to hone their skill and spirit. For every outstanding performance, the company offers a delightful incentive or reward to the employees.
There is a dress code for all the employees from top management to workers, and everyone is comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.
Christmas Celebration 2013
Felicitating employees to bolster loyalty
As an element of a successful employee’s mission, ZECO has several reward programs. The company believes that to drive positive behavior, performance, motivation and culture; there ought to be a reward program for employees to give them the recognition they deserve. One such event was the felicitation of its loyal employees in a function held on 24.04.10. The company awarded a 20 gm. gold coin with appreciation certificate to all those who have accorded their twenty years of valuable service to ZECO, whereas a 10 gm. and 5 gm. gold coins were bagged by employees who have been with ZECO for fifteen years and ten years respectively. The last but not least were those who completed their 5 years with the company and were offered 100 gm. silver coin each with the certificate. The company aspires to offer better incentives in the future to have a real impact on staff’s motivation.
Proper orientation and training is an indispensable part of our human resource management. ZECO wants its every employee to perform up to the company’s benchmarked standard. So, we give adequate focus on orientation and training of new employees.
We have an elaborate personnel policy for probation period, disciplinary actions and safety rules for the use of equipments. We discuss with new employee his/her specific job responsibilities that he/she will be assigned and also how his/her job relates to other works in the business.
We also make every new employee go for a training process to develop necessary abilities and skills to perform required task competently. The training goal for a particular skill is met through various steps. This generates a positive, productive and motivated workforce.
Game & Dance
Zeco Annual Function
Long Period Award
Christmas 2011
New Year 2012 Celebration
Air inspiries us to experience the spirit of freedom. The freedom to think freely, express one self and to evolve as an independent soul.
Earth is the source of stability and firmness. It reminds us to be humble while keeping our roots strong, which is one of the most vital attributes of life.
The ever flowing nature of water tells us the importance of keeping pace with the change with fluidity.
Fire is an integral part of many rituals and celebrations taking all around the world. It is considered that fire has positive and purifying effect on one's life.
The never ending Sky represents the unfathomable extent of the life. It inspires us to continously explore the never ending beauty of this mysterious life.
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