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About ZECO


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a highly sophisticated ISO 9001:2015 Engineering Company manufacturing equipment in the field of Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning (Air Management System). For nearly 25 years, ZECO has been helping businesses to do business better by providing them appropriate Air Management Solutions. With our technological leadership, design strength & application knowledge, services and we offer products that allow our customer to improve their operations. The Company has already carved out a niche in the highly competitive HVAC industry for itself.

ZECO started with its first manufacturing unit in the mid-’90s at Delhi (India) with 8000 Sq. Ft. covered area & 20 employees and today we own “The Ultimate Manufacturing Facility” with a covered area 130000 Sq. Ft. & 500 employees at Bahadurgarh (Haryana) India the parent facility. Now, we are having 3 facilities in India which are in the North, West and South regions of India. Starting from Bahadurgarh (Haryana), Malur (Karnataka) &  Lahe (Maharashtra). We have our sales offices located in Gurugram (Haryana), Kolkata (West Bengal) Mumbai (Maharashtra), Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Bangalore (Karnataka), Hyderabad (Telangana) Chennai (Tamil Nadu) & Kochi (Kerala). We have a dedicated export division that takes care of our valued overseas clients and their requirements. Our products from any of our facilities are competent enough to satisfy product requirements globally. We have geared up to take care of all our valuable customers located anywhere in India or Abroad.

Our product range includes:

  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) – Double Skin/ Single Skin
  • Fan Coil Unit (FCU)
  • Air Washers (Evaporative Cooling Unit) – Single / Double Stage
  • Air Scrubber-Wet type/ Dry-type (ESP Technology)
  • Rectangular Factory Fabricated Duct (GI /AL/SS)
  • Pre-Insulated Ducting (PIR Panel Duct)


  • Our AHUs are CE certified for Electrical & Mechanical safety.
  • Our Coils are AHRI certified as per test standard ARI-410.
  • Our Coils are UL certified for safety and also tested for increasing burst pressure.
  • Test report of AHUs are in accordance to EN-1886-1998 Certifications (As per Eurovent)
    • Mechanical Strength – Class (D1= 2A)
    • Casing Air Leakage – Class (L2 = B)
    • Filter Bypass Leakage- Class F9
    • Thermal Transmittance-T1
    • Thermal Bridging -Class TB2

 We can customize our AHU as per your requirement/ specification (i.e. Panel thickness, Size, Horizontal/Vertical/Double Tier, various filtration stages and Add on options with heat recovery equipment- HRW/HRV/Heat Pipe etc.)

Our products are ideal for Hotel Industry, Hospitals, Office Establishments, Banks, Embassies, Pharmaceutical Industry, IT Industry, Shopping Malls, Cinema Halls, Government Establishment, Airports, School, Colleges, Indoor-Stadium, Exhibition Centers, Residential A/C Flats, R&D labs and for the Industrial Applications.

The Company has future plans on anvil for diversification into allied downstream activities. The Company always looks forward to expand business opportunities by marketing, manufacturing or developing new and quality products to serve the Indian as well as overseas markets.

Today, most of the leading HVAC Companies, Consultants and Corporate Houses consider “ZECO” as a dependable source and only solution for their requirements of quality product.

ZECO – My Story

Over two decades ago, we began with a vision, a vision to fill the world of man with freshness like never before. That he may breathe and feel the embrace of a revitalizing ambiance, where ever he may be. We are ZECO Aircon.

And today with the sharpest minds propelling us forward to respond to the needs and developments of the market, we are at the forefront in providing air management systems and solution technologies. With state of the art manufacturing facilities grounded in the indispensable conditions of research and innovation, our team develops and designs the machines with cutting edge features and vigorous capacities to deliver, the best quality of the air we can breathe. Not only do we control the character of air, we can steer it too.

Creating ideal products that perform even in the harshest of conditions while still bracing the practice of energy efficiency. From industries to corporate, institutions to residential, the bounds of our recognition are many folds, but one constant remains at the core of our work ethics; the human factor, guiding us to truly actualize a safer healthier environment.

Vision & Mission


To be the world leader in air management solutions by providing high-quality products with the best service support and be the most admirable company to work within the industry by way of sustainable profitable growth.


To continuously improve the quality standards of our products, delivery and services that we offer to our customers and strive for customer delight.


With firm belief in the responsiveness of the human spirit, our team diligently tests, analyzes and works towards not only developing newer systems but also improving upon the existing ones. Through our skills and knowledge, we serve our customers with the best quality products. Making things work better, refining improvements in high-performance technologies and investing in healthy and clean air.

We understand the deep impact that a harmonizing environment can have on the productivity of an organization. We thus make sure our products and systems rise above the challenge, called Air. And with all, our ardent abilities continue to further research in climate control, developing systems of the future with greater consideration on environmental impact and energy conservation.

ZECO Values




Team Work




Core Values

To proceed with our mission and accomplish new landmark in our areas of operation, we have a charter of core values that is passionately observed across the length and breadth of the company. They are in the form of:

  • Ceaseless endeavor to meet and exceed client’s expectation
  • Honesty and transparency in interpersonal relationship
  • Innovating solutions beyond the best
  • Delivering superior long-term results
  • Respect for time and excellence

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at ZECO, believe that we’re not only accountable for our financial performance, but we should also follow a roadmap to a better, more affluent society for all humankind. We vigorously promote CSR and encourage a positive impact through our activities. 

Environment Policy

  • Our policy statement outlines the environmental commitments that we believe are to our social obligations and are undertaken in or during our regular trading.
  • We endeavor to prevent environmental damage by minimizing energy used within our work division in order to ensure sustainable development that is operational through our entire incumbency.
  • Ensure HVAC products and its related applications meet the minimum European Legislation.
  • Ensure proper disposed of in a safe way – this includes the full training and qualification of engineers in the disposal of these materials.
  • Implanting several procedures to reduce environmental impact, which are followed for design, installation, operation, service and maintenance of heat, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  • To ensure all packaging materials are environmental friendly.
  • To fully comply with the provisions of statutory requirements for treatment/disposal of discharge of trade effluent under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1974), and (Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1981), and fully cooperate with the concerned authorities to check noise pollution.
  • To ultimately secure ISO 14001 Certification for the company so that the company could be perceived as highly credible by buyers and other parties, and gets more benefit financially by making efficient use of its resources.
  • Our company regularly monitors the energy consumed and the wastes it produces by means to achieve and improve environmental performances.
  • Strive to develop the products and production processes that lessen the Company’s environmental impact and to integrate environmental considerations into all future Policy decisions.
  • Make recurring review of stores furnishings and lighting with the objective of reducing their environmental impact.
  • Evolve a suitable auditing system so as to continually review the company’s environmental performance and to improve the targets.
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