Realising the serious consequences of ecological and environmental factors, ZECO Aircon Limited has decided to set up an Environmental Management System. The system would endeavour:

1. To keep the surroundings clean.
2. To fully comply with the provisions of statutory requirements for treatment/disposal of discharge of trade effluent under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1974), and (Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1981), and fully cooperate with the concerned authorities to check noise pollution.
3. To give paramount importance to horticulture development.
4. To ensure that the premises are periodically disinfected, white washed/ colour washed, and records be maintained properly.
5. To ultimately secure ISO 14001 Certification for the company so that the company could be perceived as highly credible by buyers and other parties, and get more benefit financially by making efficient use of its resources.
6. To comply with safety rules & regulations and other applicable measures of statutory requirements.
7. To provide safe, hygienic and healthy working environment for the employees.
8. To provide safe and potable drinking water to the employees; ensure water tanks/coolers are cleaned periodically, and records be maintained regularly.
9. To ensure all packaging materials are environmental friendly.
10. To minimise the use of plastic bags for packaging.
11. To make environment friendly delivery norms through training and setting strict guidelines for transportation.
12. To evolve a suitable auditing system so as to continually review the company’s environmental performance and to improve the targets.
13. To make recurring review of stores furnishings and lighting with the objective of reducing their environmental impact.

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