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Engineering & Design

Commercial and large residential HVAC projects require experienced and professional designers that not only have the technical expertise to correctly create HVAC CAD drawings but also know the undisclosed industry ‘rule-of-thumb’ and best practices that are gained through experience.

We work with architects and mechanical engineers to design energy systems that provide best ventilation and proper cooling along with heating comfort levels in compliance with scale guidelines. The result is a well-designed HVAC system which takes into consideration different aspects of modelling and perfect layout.

Engineering simulation is heavily adopted in our design process so as to address the challenges and to ensure the energy efficiency and optimal performance of HVAC equipment.

We design the job on four elementary steps:

Design > Physical Prototyping > Testing > Design Change

We believe in finding an acceptable solution in a reasonable time and with reasonable costs and these can only be achieved by working with very experienced HVAC system design teams.

Our design engineers can drastically enhance the characteristics of equipment by analyzing simulation charts for factors like dynamic stress, noise reduction, overall balancing and others.

We train our engineers against product’s reliability, quality, dimensional details, materials supply, or manufacturing processes. In contrast, designers are more oriented towards features, customer experience, and competitive alternatives. We ensure that all team members as of design work in tandem to achieve the main goals of the overall project.

  1. We aim for a Perfect Fit
    Acting as essential creation poles in the HVAC product development chain, the role of our HVAC designer is to ensure a perfect fit between product functionality and design. Any new product should primarily be simple to use and attractive by its simplicity.
  2. We provide life to the existing products
    Customers need more practical, functional, and higher quality products than ever before. Before starting working on the design concept, our product designer studies the existing HVAC products and investigates competitor’s key features and functionalities thereafter rework against its R&D and design a new product.
  3. Testing in software
    Our HVAC system design teams benchmark new products, evaluating how new features and functionalities can be implemented into the existing product design.
  4. Trusting Simulation
    Simulation technology is a valuable part of the design process. While considering industry purposes, our HVAC system design engineers make use of the virtual prototyping offered by Computer-Aided Engineering. There are many traditional simulation software packages available on the market with a wide range of available features and capabilities.

We build a best and flexible product for you against your needs. Trust us!

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