Air Handling Units

Eurovent Range (1,000-60,000 CFM)

The Zeco Air Handling Units are destined to commercial and industrial plants.

The series consists of 47 sizes with nominal air flow from 1000 CFM to 60,000 CFM and allows the filtration, heating and / or cooling treatments. The performances are ensured by high efficiency heat exchangers and high pressure fans either coupled to the motor by pulley and belt or the EC Fans or Plenum Fans. The compactness, low noise level, and the wide range of accessories gives the Zeco AHUs a huge versatility in order to adapt to customer requirements. It has been chosen to add an enhanced configuration to ensure a higher pressure of the fan.

S. NOCFMAHU MODELInternalInternal
11000ZDS10-50-TB 1-50700690
22000ZDS20-50-TB 2-50800700
33000ZDS30-50-TB 3-501050780
44000ZDS40-50-TB 4-501350850
55000ZDS50-50-TB 5-5013501020
66000ZDS60-50-TB 6-5014301020
78000ZDS80-50-TB 7-5014301350
810000ZDS100-50-TB 8-5017501350
912000ZDS120-50-TB 9-5020501350
1012000ZDS120-S-50-TB 10-5026001080
1114000ZDS140-50-TB 11-5019601650
1214000ZDS140-S-50-TB 12-5023601350
1315000ZDS150-50-TB 13-5020501650
1415000ZDS150-S-50-TB 14-5026001350
1518000ZDS180-50-TB 15-5020801960
1618000ZDS180-S-50-TB 16-5029801350
1720000ZDS200-50-TB 17-5023001960
1820000ZDS200-S-50-TB 18-5033001350
1922000ZDS220-50-TB 19-5029001650
2025000ZDS250-50-TB 20-5032501650
2130000ZDS300-50-TB 21-5039001650
2230000ZDS300-S-50-TB 22-5026002600
2332000ZDS320-50-TB 23-5035701960
2432000ZDS320-S-50-TB 24-5026702600
2535000ZDS350-50-TB 25-5038601960
2635000ZDS350-S-50-TB 26-5029502600
2740000ZDS400-50-TB 27-5033002600
2844000ZDS440-50-TB 28-5036202600
2948000ZDS480-50-TB 29-5033003250
3060000ZDS600-50-TB 30-5038603250
311000ZDSHRW10-50-TB 1-50950700
322000ZDSHRW20-50-TB 2-501150700
333000ZDSHRW30-50-TB 3-501350820
344000ZDSHRW40-50-TB 4-501450940
355000ZDSHRW50-50-TB 5-5016501050
366000ZDSHRW60-50-TB 6-5017501050
378000ZDSHRW80-50-TB 7-5019601140
3810000ZDSHRW100-50-TB 8-5022801250
3912000ZDSHRW120-50-TB 9-5023501380
4012000ZDSHRW120-S-50-TB 10-5023501350
4114000ZDSHRW140-50-TB 11-5025001380
4214000ZDSHRW140-S-50-TB 12-5025001380
4315000ZDSHRW150-50-TB 13-5027001350
4418000ZDSHRW180-50-TB 14-5029801400
4520000ZDSHRW200-50-TB 15-5031001660
4622000ZDSHRW220-50-TB 16-5031001660
4725000ZDSHRW250-50-TB 17-5033001660

Salients Features

For Customized Air Handling Units

  • Smart AHU – EC Fan with Control Panel, Microprocess Controller, HMI Screen, Differential Pressure Switch, Differential Pressure Transmitter, Air Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Water Sensors, ON/OFF Switch, Limit Switch and Red/Green illuminated Push Buttons.
  • Flexible Cabinet Sizing
  • Galvanized Aluminum or Stainless Steel Panels with the various thickness such as 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2,etc
  • Pre-coated / Plain GI
  • Selection of Drain Pan Materials.
  • Insulation: PUF / Rockwool / Fiber Glass
  • Mixing Boxes / Economizers.
  • Multiple Coil Sections.
  • Integral face and Bye-Pass Dampers.
  • Multiple Fan Section – Forward or backward curved or Aerofoil Belt or Direct Drive Fans, Plug Fans & EC Fan.
  • IP 55 rated TEFC Motors –Energy Efficient (IE1/IE2/IE3/IE4)
  • Humidifier and De-Humidifier sections.
  • Filters – Pre Filters, Bag Filters, Fine Filters, HEPA Filters, Chemical Filters, Carbon Filters, etc.
  • Optional Accessories – Variable Frequency Drive, View Port, Hinge Door, Lights, Limit Switch, UV Light, etc.
  • Heat Recovery Unit: The high efficient Ostberg/DRI Heat wheels are provided
  • Based on customer, consultant and contractor specific requirements to be added into the Air Handling Units.


Air Handling Unit Arrangements

AHU with Pre Filter

AHU with Pre & Bag/Fine Filter

AHU with Hepa Filter

AHU with Economizer

AHU with Economizer

AHU with Heat Recovery Wheel:

AHU with Heat Recovery Wheel: