Electronic Air Cleaner

An electronic air cleaner can trap and filter up to 99% of airborne particles that pass through your HVAC system, making sure that cleaner air is distributed to all rooms within your home. When the air goes through this device, the pre-filter traps many of the larger particles and adds a charge to smaller particles, which are attracted to a plate where they are collected. Electronic air cleaners effectively remove microscopic impurities from your air. This includes dust, smoke, and smog, in addition to pet dander and mold spores. While these may seem like harmless particles, they can actually make you and your family sick. This is particularly true for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. For the best results with an electronic air cleaner, it’s important that you make sure to clean the plates on a regular basis. The effectiveness of this device does wear down as dirt accumulates on the plates, but a quick wipe-down will resolve this. Overall, electronic air cleaners are an excellent way to filter the air you breathe and keep you and your family healthy.


  • Operating Conditions:

    - Continuous operating temperature 4`52C. Not suitable for the flammable environment

  • Efficiency (EN779:2012):

    - E8/MERV15 (ASHRAE 52.2)
    - PM2.5 testing efficiency: >90% at 2.5m/suitable(with pre-filter)
    - Microbes testing efficiency: >90%
    - Able to remove particle with size up to 0.01um

  • Indicators:

    - Operation, cleaning and malfunction indicators

  • Long Service Life:

    - Up to 15 years

  • Power Consumption:

    - Low Power Consumption


Electronic Air Cleaner filter has an average efficiency for PM2.5 removal efficiency >90% and for Microbes removal efficiency >90% as per F8(EN779)/MERV15(ASHRAE52.2 standard), this can remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC etc. During the operation, dust, tiny particles and microbes are carbonized at the collecting plate for the prevention of secondary pollution. 

Discharge electrodes emit charging current and provide a voltage that generates an electrical field between the discharge electrodes and the collecting plates. The electrical field forces dust particles in the gas stream to migrate toward the collecting plates. The particles then precipitate onto the collecting plates.


ParametersUnitSingle Ionic CellDouble Ionic Cell
Serial NumberEAC-370x610x180-AC-STEAC-680×6180-AC-ST
Nominal Dimension (WxHxD)mm370x610x180680×6180
Actual Dimension (WxHxD)mm369x610x182681x610x182
Number of Ionic Cell12
Input Voltage / CurrentV/A220v/0.18A220v/0.21A
Output Voltage / CurrentkV/mA6.2kV/3.2mA6.2kV/3.2mA
Filtration EfficiencyF8F8
Initial Pressure DropPa2020
Air Volumem1/h17003400


Suspended dust particles and impurities will be ionized after passing through the high voltage ionizer. Positively charged air particles will be attracted to the negative plate at the collection zone. Tiny particulate matters will be absorbed on the collection plates under high voltage. which further archives the sterilisation effect.

Electronic Air Ceaner

Electrostatic precipitator or Electronic Air Cleaner is an efficient unit for reducing harmful pollutants like particulate matter (PMx), allergens, pollen, smoke, bacteria, pathogens etc. It has washable prefilter and Electrostatic precipitation section of tungsten wires for ionizing and aluminium collector plates. Its average capacity is 1,700 CMH.

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