Heat Exchanger Coils


A wide range of cooling, heating, Direct expansion, steam coil designed on AHRI certified Specialized software (UNILAB, Italy) for optimum efficiency. Different circuiting, row , fin spacing in addition to the different material of construction, thickness. We provide coil selection that handles the required load. Anticorrosive hydrophilic sine wave Aluminum fins, louvered fins, ripple edge fins are available as optional. All the coils are leak tested at 21 Kg/sq cm under water or air. Bigger size coils are manufactured in 2 / 4 parts with intermediate drain pan to collect the condensate of upper coil and drain directly to main drain pan through PVC pipe without flooding lower coils.

ZECO manufactures all types of coils with 1/2″ and 3/8″ tube for commercial and industrial applications. These include water, steam, evaporator, condenser & custom coils. Our capacities extend past normal – 60,000 Sq. ft. of coils per month. Very few can compete with ZECO in areas of quality, response time and value.

It is basically known as “Heart of AHU”. Our coils are AHRI certified & UL listed.

Type of Coils available

Chilled water coil, Hot water coil, Brine coil, DX coil (Refrigerant based), High- efficiency heat transfer coils (specially designed), Al fins are used to increase surface area of coil for efficient heat transfer. Options are available with Cu, SS-304 etc. We do provide IGT tube (Inner groove tube) in DX coil for efficient cooling. Hydrophilic coated blue Al fins are also available for anticorrosive treatment. Drain Pan with multi sloping in AL/ SS-304 construction duly insulated with Closed cell Nitrile / PUF. We manufacture all types of coils having tube diameter 1/2″, 3/8″ and 5/8″ tube for commercial and industrial applications.

Zeco Aircon Ltd is a manufacturer of commercial & industrial coils. We manufacture all types of coils. i.e evaporator, condenser, steam, water & custom coils for specific requirement. We enjoy a countrywide reputation for excellence in manufacturing if commercial & industrial coils for critical needs. “If it’s a coil we can build it”, is the motto of our coil manufacturing division. Our designer and technicians take pride in living up to the motto.

A Mark of Quality

Each coil manufactured at Zeco is subjected to pre-defined quality tests. Starting from the raw material, which is inspected for inconsistencies, to the phase-wise quality inspections during each step the coils are reviews for quality workmanship. Finally, coil is tested at 35 degree to 45 degree PSIG. Each coil is shrink-wrapped and then crated depending upon its size and shipping locations. Coils of large size are crated before shipping.

  • Water Coils : These coils are designed with customized circuiting, mainly for chilled/Hot water applications. The manifolds/headers are made from type “L” copper or on special request form seamless “C” class M.S. Pipe.
  • Commercial coils : Specially made commercial coils for special needs. e.g. automobile sector are also available from the house of Zeco. Evaporators to suit multiple needs are available for various applications.
  • Steam Coils : At Zeco we manufacture steam coils for varied applications. Coils can be produced which can withstand extreme high pressure. We can build coils in different combinations namely copper to copper, copper to aluminum. e.t.c. steam coils can be made from one to four rows with custom circuitry to maximize the efficiency.
  • Evaporator coils : These coils are made in different shapes as per the customer’s requirement. All coils are mechanically expanded. This provides a permanent bond between the primary and secondary surface for an efficient heat transfer. Unique interlaced circuiting options assure uniform refrigerant flow over the entire face area of the coil. Capability to vary fin spacing allows flexibility I application such as low temperature.

At ZECO, all coils are made on the “state of the art” machines imported from across the globe. CNC fin generation press for both 3/8″, 1/2″ line. Vertical as well as Horizontal mechanical tube expander from Burr Oak USA, hair pin bender for both lines again from Burr Oak USA. CNC turret press & CNC press brakes from Amada Japan are to name a few.

We have got software exclusively developed for us by veteran Unilabs, Italy.

Galvanized steel end plates have extruded tube holes for maximum tube protection & support. Stacking flanges provide additional rigidity & facilitate installation in coil banks. Casing and end sheets are also available in stainless steel coils larger than 1000mm are provided with center support and aluminum.


Commercial / Industrial Air-conditioning, Window / Split Air conditioners, Refrigeration Systems, Bus / Car / Railway /Ship Air-conditioning, Specialized steam / Hot water coils.

 Range of Machinery:

In ZECO’s coil section you can see the latest machinery from renowned companies around the world, like computerized fin generation presses, hairpin benders, mechanical expanders, automated brazing machines etc.

Raw Material:

At ZECO sourcing of raw material plays a very important role. We import copper tube from across the globe to meet the international standards, plain and internally grooved. The Aluminium foil used is available in original Aluminium / blue colour with or without hydrophilic coating. The casing and end sheets are available in Galvanized Iron / Stainless steel.


ZECO has a strategic alliance with Uni labs s.r.l. Italy for coil selection software. All our coils are selected on specially designed coil software.


Our quality control engineers are very picky when it comes to clearing a coil for dispatch. All our coils are leak tested, and depending on their application each coil is pressurized with dry air / nitrogen. Each coil is pressurized ranging from 300 psi to 550 psi and dipped in the water tank for locating leaks.

Cooling Coils

Heating Coils

Condenser Units


Tube O. D.
3/8 “
1″ X 0.866″
Sinewave / Super-slit
Straight / Rippled
8 – 14
1 – 8
Plain / Internally Grooved
½ “
1.25″ X 1.082″
Sinewave / Super-slit
Straight / Rippled
8 – 14
1 – 6

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