Heat Recovery AHU

Heat recovery air handling units are mainly used in places where fresh air is needed. Heat or enthalpy wheels are rotary air-to-air heat exchangers. Adjacent supply and exhaust air counterflow streams each flow through half of the wheel and transfer sensible and latent energy.

CAPACITY RANGE: 1000 cfm to 40000 cfm

APPLICATIONS: Clean Room, IAQ, and Energy Recovery. For Operation Theatre / ICU / ICCU, Pharma, Laboratories, Petrochemical, Aerospace, R&D Facilities, and Food Processing

FEATURE: The unit is manufactured as per the customer’s requirements.


  • Pre-conditions incoming fresh air.
  • Easily integrated/retrofitted into new/existing AHU systems.
  • Helps maintain indoor climate like the outdoor.
  • Helps to meet ventilation standard without raising energy cost.
  • Allows reduction in system capacity by 50 to 80%.

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