ioT Enabled AHU

AHU industry is at the cusp of Technology Innovation. IoT, Big Data, Analytics, are acting as fuel to this movement. Customer demands to ensure uninterrupted service, optimizing of energy consumption, and cost-effective solution is growing. ZECO has geared up to its customers demand by leveraging IoT in its solutions AHU.

ZECO has launched a Controller that monitors AHU closely to make intelligent decisions on temperature maintenance thus optimizing power consumption. High energy efficiency is achieved by supply temperature data input controlling the chilled water valve and return air temperature can controlling 2/3 way electronically controlled valve. It also allows remote monitoring of multiple AHUs by a team of on-field service engineers through it's Mobile App.

BMS Compatible

Humidity and CO2 control

Constant pressure and air flow

Fan, valve and damper modulation

Real time filter status

IoT enabled app

iSmart Features

  • Geo-Location with weather data.
  • SAT & RAT measurement and control.
  • 2/3 way chilled water flow valve control.
  • Fan speed control.
  • Constant air volume.
  • Motor current display.
  • Motor supply voltage display.
  • Motor power consumption display.
  • Filter cleaning alerts.
  • Temperature chilled water in and out display.
  • Motorised damper opening and closing.
  • RA and SA humidity display
    Machine switch ON/OFF time.
  • Power saving reports and alerts.

Live App Screens

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