Pre-Insulated PIR Panel/Duct

ZECO Pre-Insulated PIR Panel/Duct

Established in 1989 in New Delhi, ZECO Aircon Ltd has come a long way to become world class manufacturer of Air Management Systems. We offer whole gamut of air handling solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and all other medium & large size spaces to provide them amicable climate indoor.

Mankind’s blind pursuit of comfort has put the earth on risk. So coming with sustainable products that are not just comfort centric, but environment-sensitive as well, has been the bottom line of ZECO’s philosophy. To actualize this vision, we are using our global resources and skills to develop quality products that offer perfect indoor comfort without staining the outdoor.

We manufacture innovative range of HVAC Equipments at our hi-tech machinery imported from Italy, Japan & USA. Bracing the practice of energy efficiency and a safer healthier environment ZECO has come up with new product “PIR Pre-insulated panels” for duct to stand with the global change.

ZECO PIR panels are manufactured on word class fully automatic imported machineries. These panels have excellent thermo insulation properties coupled with extreme light weight that’s why globally PIR duct is preferred over conventional ducting.

Pre-Insulated Panels

This product has high demands for better thermal properties in terms of Energy saving, leakage factor, fungus growth within the material. The major role played in regard to fire behaviour, it represents an excellent barrier in many aspects that present new generation of panels compares to a conventional system.

These initials PIR refer to polyisocyanurate foams. They are part of a system that has evolved from polyurethane formulas that have a long tradition on the insulation market for construction in the USA and many European countries, Middle East
Asian countries used largely.

The PIR is obtained from the reaction of a polyol with an excess of isocyanate. The surplus isocyanate reacts with itself forming a very reticulated, thermostable material with cyclical structures. This reaction is called trimerisation.

The index (=quantity of PIR bonds) of the polyisocyanurate sandwich panels oscillates between -20 Deg C and +85 Deg C.The higher the index, the greater the quality of behaviour to fire is. The cyclical shaped PIR bonds grant the foam much higher fire behaviour than conventional foams and are the reason that hardly any smoke is given off when under combustion.

ZECO PIR Panels combine the best traditional polyurethane properties with optimal fire behaviour, because of its closed-cell that is a coefficient that makes it a leading great insulation material.

PIR Preparatory System

PIR Injection Machinery


  • India’s first fully automated plant to produce PIR foam panel.
  • OMS European machines producing 4000 sq. mt per day
  • Fully continuous line with the variety of sizes 20mm/30mm panel of any length possible
  • PIR Panel is the best fit for duct and insulation applications.


  • Weight
    The ZECO duct system is lightweight and can be handled easily. The weight of the PIR panel duct is approximately 1/7th of conventional GI duct duly insulated with fibreglass insulation and accessories.
  • Easy to Design
    ZECO PIR panel duct can be easily designed manually or by computerized with the help of special software. For every specified shape the software can tailor the panel to the best possible use and reduce the wastages to the minimum.
  • Easy to Fabricate
    ZECO duct panels are easily fabricated whether it be manually or by CNC machine. The finished ductwork fits every specified shape with minimum effort.
  • Air Tightness
    ZECO duct has excellent hermetic qualities that improve system efficiency and reduces running cost. This is due to the engineered connection joints that prevent any possible air leakage.
  • Fire Resistance
    ZECO PIR panel duct has been tested for Fire Properties & Smoke Development. The tests meet with the international British standards, BS 476.
  • Vibration
    The density and rigidity of ZECO duct ensure minimal vibration and reduces noise level to the negligible.
  • Vibration
    The density and rigidity of ZECO duct ensure minimal vibration and reduces noise level to the negligible.
  • Hygiene
    ZECO PIR panel duct is very much more hygienic due to the simplicity of cleaning and washing the outer and inner surfaces.
  • Aesthetic Compatibility
    ZECO duct can be made compatible to any aesthetic media, where it needs to be painted to match the surroundings. It can also be left exposed to as an extra dimension to the ceiling view.
  • Weather Proofing
    Normal indoor use of ZECO duct panels’ calls for 20 mm thick material with 80/80μ Aluminum foil. For outdoors using a panel 30 mm panel with aluminium thickness 200/80 microns designed to withstand harsh weather, temperature and humidity.
  • Thermal Conductivity
    ZECO PIR duct panels K value “0.021 W/m0K” is lesser than all other duct insulation materials. So Zeco PIR panel duct is one of the best thermal insulation duct materials.
  • Green Building Eligibility
    ZECO DUCT is CFC- free which makes this product environmentally friendly and eligible to green building concept due to the above characteristics.


  • Improved Air Quality as the aluminium surface prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Invisible flanging system ensures negligible air leakages as compared to the conventional duct.
  • The PIR Panel has high thermal insulation with closed cell structure and superior thermal conductivity @ 0.021 W/m K.
  • Low thermal value and reduced air leakage helps in energy-saving and operating cost.
  • The PIR panels can be easily fabricated whether manually or by CNC machines for every specified shape of Duct.
  • ZECO easy Duct is environmentally friendly and eligible for Green Building Certifications.


Product Description

Panel Dimension (mm)

4000 × 1200

Application Type



Thickness of Panel (mm)



Density (Kg/m3) 



Thickness of the outer Aluminium Foil (µm)



Thickness of the inner Aluminium Foil (µm)



Aluminium finish (Outer/Inner)

Embossed / Embossed          OR          Embossed / Smooth

Thermal Conductivity (W/m⁰K)


Resistance against pressure (Pa)

2000 (in working conditions)

Water Vapour Transmission (m2hPa/m)


Temperature of use (°C)

-35 to +110

Fire Classification

BS 476 Class O, Part 6&7.

Green technology



 1. Better Thermal Conductivity

2. Lesser Friction in Duct

3. Corrosion Resistant

4. Hygienically enhanced Air Quality

5. Easy To make

6. Energy Saving

7. Fire Retardant

8. Light Weight

9. Time Saving


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