U bends

U Bends are manufactured by us on imported (USA) Burr Oak CNC machines for different diameters, pitch, and height. These are made by using superior quality raw materials. We also insert the brazing rings with special CNC machines as per requirement.



Available in a variety of sizes and styles for meeting varied demands of air-conditioners

Bends offered are wrinkle-free even in narrow bending

Bends can also be provided as per the specifications of our valued customer

Mechanical Return Bender (MRB)

Mechanical Return Bender is a single purpose machine designed to produce high-quality return bends at high production speed. The process involves tubing being fed through the machine to be clamped, bent to 180 degrees, cut from the parent tube and ejected into the container. The machine will operate in an automatic cycle with a capacity, about 70 to 90 bends per minute. Copper tube size ranges from 6.35 mm to 19.05 mm.

Return Bend Cleaning Unit (RBCU)

This machine automatically cleans, degreases, de-burrs and dries return bends through timed or manual automation.

Size and Ring Machine (SRM)

This machine automatically sizes return bend legs and assembles a solder ring into each leg. This machine will produce about 60 assemblies per minute.

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