Air Handling Units (AHU)

ZECO, India’s most preferred air handling unit manufacturing company has been in existence from last two decades. With this experience and expertise we manufacture a wide range of air handling units in our automated manufacturing facility. Our Air Handling Units (AHU) are available up to 100,000 cfm capacity. Superior Features: – Rigid framework design has inherent strength and stability. The aluminium profiles are corrosion resistant with specially designed three way corners. The panels are pressure injected with CFC free polyurethane foam up to 40 Kg/cum densities. The entire framework is mounted on a galvanized steel channel base. The condensate drain pan is fabricated out of corrosion resistant SS-304 stainless steel insulated on outside with close cell insulation. The units are compact in design to provide vibration-free, noiseless performance and are easily maintainable. Basic assembly consists of sections with imported centrifugal fan, cooling coil, and filters. Add-on optional modules such as thermal break with coved profiles, heating coil, face and pass damper, humidifiers and air mixing chambers are also available on specific demand. Units can be manufactured with direct drive plug fans as well.

Ventilation & Exhaust Units:

Special Units:


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