Fan coil Units


Ceiling Concealed Fan coil units, construct with 24 G GI Pre-coated GI sheet with 3 rows deep Cooling coil (9.5 mm OD & tube thickness 30G (0.25 mm)) aluminum fins, blowers*, single phase direct driven motor, 12 mm thick pre filter and drain pan constructed out of 22 G SS/GI, 24 G. GI as covering sheet & sandwiched insulation of 13 mm thick PUF / Thermocol in between.

We also manufacture Vertical type Fan Coil Unit/Floor Mounted fan Coil Unit.

NOTE: Also available with EC fan & Motor


Ceiling Concealed Fan Coil Unit


Ceiling Concealed FCU (1TR)

Ceiling Concealed FCU-with EC fan & motor

Floor Mounted Vertical FCU

Salient Features

  • ZECO make high-performance FCUs are designed to maximize the flexibility of selection & installation.
  • FCUs are in Double/Single skin construction. We manufacturer FCU in Floor-mounted Vertical and Ceiling concealed Horizontal (Hideaway ) type.
  • Casing is available in 24G to 18G GI sheet, options available with embossing sheet.
  • FCUs are blown thru type, consist of coil deck, blower deck insulated drain pan & filter.
  • FCUs are designed especially for trouble-free, feasible operation & is quit tested in its category.
  • The low height of the unit made them idle for low ceiling areas, low weight help for easy installation.
  • AHRI certified coils. Coil section consists of multi-row deep chilled water/ hot water /Direct expansion type coils in 3 rows deep, options available with 4-row coils.
  • Coils are made from seamless copper tube tightly bonded to equally spaced Al fins for better heat transfer.
  • Coil deck is insulated from insider to prevent condensation.
  • Blower deck is attached to coil deck it consists of statically dynamically balanced DIDW blowers.
  • Exposed cabinet concealed with free return air duct cabinet.
  • Easily accessible cleanable slop down pans.
  • Casing made from pre-coated GI/Powder coated GI with Orange/Blue/Off white in color.
  • 12mm thick(EU-2) efficient non-woven type synthetic pre-filter.
  • Specialized coil software from UNILAB Italy for optimum efficiency, heat transfer coils are made from 9.5mm OD copper tube.
  • Three-speed single-phase motors.
  • Sandwiched type insulated drain tray with an extended tray to accommodate necessary valve arrangement.
  • Built-in thermal overloaded protected motors.
  • Available for district cooling systems.
  • Grommets are provided for unit mounting.
  • Flare nut connections are provided at coil inlet & outlet.
  • Fan speed can be selected to automatic or manual 3-speed control mode.
  • Ideal application of FCU is in hotels, hospitals, corporate office, malls, commercial centres, residential properties.
  • Return air plenum can be interchanged from back air suction to bottom air suction. Coil connection Can be change either RHS or LHS as per the site.

Additional Features

  • FCU’s can be provided with heater also in addition as per requirement.
  • Valve package with 2/3 way mixing valve with & without the strainer, Ball valve actuator and thermostat.
  • FCU is designed with EC fan & motor for low height, noise & lowest power consumption.
  • Anticorrosive hydrophilic coated Blue Al fins are also available.
  • Specially designed FCU with BLDC motor.
  • We design FCU with EC fan & motor including additional ESP filter.

Options Available

With ball valve set, three-way/two-way motorized valve, thermostat, grills etc.

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