Smart AHU With Controllers

The Smart AHU is an advanced air handling unit equipped with an integrated control system. Making it ideal for small properties that may not have other building management systems and larger buildings where linking to existing building management systems is

AHU with an integrated control system can be controlled remotely and linked to automation systems quickly to overcome the need for building management systems because of the wide range of standard communication protocols support.  

Monitoring and controlling all AHU parameters like temperature, humidity, air flows, filters, damper, and actuator status saves a handsome quantum of thermal and electrical energy as well as operations and maintenance costs.

S. NOCFMAHU MODELInternalInternal
11000ZDS10-50-TB 1-50700690
22000ZDS20-50-TB 2-50800700
33000ZDS30-50-TB 3-501050780
44000ZDS40-50-TB 4-501350850
55000ZDS50-50-TB 5-5013501020
66000ZDS60-50-TB 6-5014301020
78000ZDS80-50-TB 7-5014301350
810000ZDS100-50-TB 8-5017501350
912000ZDS120-50-TB 9-5020501350
1012000ZDS120-S-50-TB 10-5026001080
1114000ZDS140-50-TB 11-5019601650
1214000ZDS140-S-50-TB 12-5023601350
1315000ZDS150-50-TB 13-5020501650
1415000ZDS150-S-50-TB 14-5026001350
1518000ZDS180-50-TB 15-5020801960
1618000ZDS180-S-50-TB 16-5029801350
1720000ZDS200-50-TB 17-5023001960
1820000ZDS200-S-50-TB 18-5033001350
1922000ZDS220-50-TB 19-5029001650
2025000ZDS250-50-TB 20-5032501650
2130000ZDS300-50-TB 21-5039001650
2230000ZDS300-S-50-TB 22-5026002600
2332000ZDS320-50-TB 23-5035701960
2432000ZDS320-S-50-TB 24-5026702600
2535000ZDS350-50-TB 25-5038601960
2635000ZDS350-S-50-TB 26-5029502600
2740000ZDS400-50-TB 27-5033002600
2844000ZDS440-50-TB 28-5036202600
2948000ZDS480-50-TB 29-5033003250
3060000ZDS600-50-TB 30-5038603250
311000ZDSHRW10-50-TB 1-50950700
322000ZDSHRW20-50-TB 2-501150700
333000ZDSHRW30-50-TB 3-501350820
344000ZDSHRW40-50-TB 4-501450940
355000ZDSHRW50-50-TB 5-5016501050
366000ZDSHRW60-50-TB 6-5017501050
378000ZDSHRW80-50-TB 7-5019601140
3810000ZDSHRW100-50-TB 8-5022801250
3912000ZDSHRW120-50-TB 9-5023501380
4012000ZDSHRW120-S-50-TB 10-5023501350
4114000ZDSHRW140-50-TB 11-5025001380
4214000ZDSHRW140-S-50-TB 12-5025001380
4315000ZDSHRW150-50-TB 13-5027001350
4418000ZDSHRW180-50-TB 14-5029801400
4520000ZDSHRW200-50-TB 15-5031001660
4622000ZDSHRW220-50-TB 16-5031001660
4725000ZDSHRW250-50-TB 17-5033001660

Salients Features & Functions

of Smart Air Handling Units


  • Saves up to 25% cost in energy and maintenance.
  • Provides best air quality and comfortable indoor environment.
  • 24×7 management, with real-time monitoring and advanced analytics.
  • Intelligence for unprecedented asset performance management.
  • Whether you are on-the-go or at your desk,
  • Fingertips—through your smartphones, tablets, and PCs
  • Compact design with optimal running cost.
  • High efficiency fans & motors with low noise.
  • EC fan with inbuilt Modbus to eliminate frequency drive.
  • Customized solution based on end user requirement.
  • Suitable for all applications like pharmaceuticals, commercial and residential & offices.
  • Easily accessiblity through Desktop, Laptop,
  • Tablet, Smart Phone without long caballing.
  • Can be integrated with fire alarm system.
  • Can be monitor and control remotely
  • Handheld control panel with display


  • Maintain the constant room temperature through fan speed modulation & Cooling coil /
    Heating coil actuator modulation and supply air damper modulation.
  • Demand controlled ventilation.
  • Variable fan speed control.
  • Constant pressure control.
  • Constant air flow control.
  • EC Fan support.
  • Integration with BMS system.
  • Filter status monitoring through
  • Differential pressure switches.
  • Real time filters status through differential pressure transducer.
  • Wi-Fi or LAN supported system.
  • Each AHU can be address on cloud through single static IP.
  • User friendly and essay to operate remotely controlled through smartphone, Tablet,
  • Laptop or desktop.


Smart Air Handling Unit


T+rH Sensor

Temperature Sensor
for Air & water

D.P. Switch for
filter choking status

Air Handling Unit

Our Smart AHU is an advanced air handling unit equipped with an integrated control system. Making it ideal for the places that may not have other BMS (building management systems) and larger buildings where linking to existing BMS is required. Its integrated control system can be operated remotely.

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