Pre-Insulated Pipes

Zeco’s PIP eliminates the need to insulate the pipe on the site and on the pipe rack improving project system quality and decreasing project construction lead time with decreased labour cost.

Pipe-in-Pipe is manufactured in the factory controlled environment and hence high thermal protection is guaranteed.

Zeco provides owners and engineers with a high quality, thermally efficient insulation system which saves on installation, operation and maintenance cost.

Excellent Properties

  • Rigid polyurethane foam has the lowest thermal conductivity and is coefficient of expansion of all known insulating materials. Thus help to save more energy compared to the commonly used electrometric insulation.
  • The outer casing material is galvanized, stainless steel or high density polyethylene tubes which will withstand extreme climatic conditions.
  • The pressure tight spiral-locked seam tube or high density polyethylene tube provides ultimate vapor barrier.
  • Polyurethane foam provides very good damping properties. It reduces noise considerably.
  • The pressure tight locked seam tube or the high density polyethylene homogenous and seamless tube ensures water tightness.
  • Comply to Class O fire rating in which having a Class 1 fire rating to BS 470: part 7, 1997 (surface spread of flame test) and a fire propagation index to BS 470 part 6 (1989) test with values of 1 less than 12 and 11 less than 6.
  • With compressive strength up to 275 kpa, the insulation coupled with the robust outer casing, ZECO pre-insulated pipe can be hung directly on its casing.
  • The polyurethane foam utilizes CFC free blowing agent.

Why Zeco Pre-Insulated Pipe?

Zeco provides PIP in variety of insulation and jacket materials for high performance:

  • Insulation: PUF, Calcium Silicate
  • Jacket: HDPE, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and
    Galvanised Iron.

The pipe is directly supporting jacket, which eliminates the need to breach the jacket. Thus, the potential for ingress of water and moisture is reduced which prevents heating and cooling losses.

Zeco can also provide the heat tracing for freeze protection or
temperature maintenance resulting in greater overall savings, as the heat tube is attached and insulated in the factory.

Typical Fittings

Zeco can serve its customers with a single insulation material or a composite insulation system to optimise on the thermal losses.


Zeco uses low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength PU foam. PU foam can be used as a stand-alone insulation (temperatures below 284°F (140°C), or as an outer layer in a composite insulation system. This combination results in high quality, low cost, energy-efficient piping insulation solution for high temperature above ground piping systems.


Zeco uses both Calcium-silicate and PU insulations which have excellent compressive strength properties and is suitable for high temperature application.


Pre- Insulated Pipe with PU Foam and HDPE Jacket.
Metal Jacket
Cal-Sil and PU foam with HDPE Jacket
PU Foam with SS/GI seam Jacket.


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Between Pre-Insulated Pipe And Site Insulated Pipe

S.No.Site Insulated PipePre-Insulated Pipe
1There is Air Gap Between Pips & Insulation.Due to PUF Injection, insulation is formed on Pipe thus No Air Gap between pipe & insulation.
2Inconsistent Density of insulation through the entire length of pipe.Consistent Density of insulation through the entire length of the pipe as PUF injection insulation is formed on Pipe.
3Water vapor Ingress causing condensation.No water vapor Ingress as PUF injection insulation is formed on Pipe, thus no condensation.
4Circumferential joints, Longitudinal.Homogeneous, No joint, No Possibility of Water Vapor.
5A. In case of sand cement plaster cladding water seepage.
B. Incase of Tar felt Cladding Insulation value lost as tar felt is applied with Fire Burner.
Cladding with HDPE Seamless pipe, No Seepage & No Insulation damage.
6Installation 100% on Site Work, Time consuming.Installation work at site reduced to 10% Thus Faster installation time.
7Quality of Insulation depends on Site Installers. No Quality Control check. No Insulation value check.Consistent Quality Control in a factory. Insulation value Check available in the factory.
8Cladding & insulation easily damaged due to the gap between the cladding and insulation.Tough & durable due to bonding of insulation between Pipe & Casing.
9Pipe Supports installed before Insulation thus allowing zero possibility of change in Piping layout without insulation removal.Pipe Supports installed on Insulation Casing thus allowing flexibility of change in Piping layout insulation removal.
9Pipe Supports installed before Insulation thus allowing zero possibility of change in Piping layout without insulation removal.Pipe Supports installed on Insulation Casing thus allowing flexibility of change in Piping layout insulation removal.