Pre Insulated Duct Panels

This product has high demands of better thermal properties in terms of Energy saving, leakage factor, fungus growth within the material. The major role played in regard to fire behavior, it represents excellent barrier in many aspects that present new generation of panels compare to conventional system.

These initials PIR refer to polyisocyanurate foams. They are part of a system that has evolved from polyurethane formulas that have a long tradition in the insulation market for construction in the USA and many European countries, Middle East Asian countries used largely.

The PIR are obtained from the reaction of polyol with an excess of isocyanate. The surplus isocyanate reacts with itself forming a very reticulated, thermostable material with cyclical structures. This reaction is called trimerisation.

The index (=quantity of PIR bonds) of the polyisocyanurate sandwich panels oscillates between -20 Deg C and +85 Deg C. The higher the index, the greater the quality of behavior to fire is.

The cyclical shaped PIR bonds grant the foam much higher fire behavior than conventional foams and are the reason that hardly any smoke is given off when under combustion.

ZECO PIR Panels combine the best traditional polyurethane properties with optimal fire behaviour, because of its closed-cell that is coefficient which makes it a leading great insulation material.

PIR Prepatory System
PIR Injection Machinery


ZECO PIR foam does not absorb water, which prevents the deterioration of the insulating capacity and overloads due to the liquid retained by the panel. 

The mechanical resistance of ZECO PIR panels means they adapt to the majority of structural and regulatory demands required in the construction trade. Moreover, there is no risk of delamination of the core of the panel over time.

  • Salubrious and biologically clean. PIR foam is very resistant to chemical products, they do not contain fibers and because of their closed cell structure, moulds and bacteria cannot grow in their interior.
  • Better fire behaviour. It is much higher than conventional foams; there is a good combination of the reaction to fire with a minimum quantity of smoke generated.
  • In the risk assessment for establishing insurance rates, insurance companies give a favourable assessment if ZECO PIR panels are used as their fire behaviour has been certified.

The new generation of ZECO PIR Insulated sandwich panels for HVAC application with better improvised resistance to fire & thermal conductivity.


Aluminum Joint
Aluminum Joint
PVC Joint Flange
PVC Joint Flange
Aluminum U- Flange
Aluminum U- Flange
Aluminum Chair Flange
Aluminum Chair Flange
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GL Corner Cover
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Duct Accessories Set
Aluminum F- Flange
Center Flange
Reinforcement Disc
Duct Support
Aluminum Joint Profile
Aluminum Chair Flange
Aluminum Chair Profile
Tiger Joint
Cross Fixing Device
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Dimensional & Technical Characteristics

Dimensions of Panel (L x W)4000 mm x 1200 mm
Aluminium foil thickness80, 200 Microns
Panel thickness20 mm (Indoor Application)
30 mm (Outdoor Application)
Aluminium foil typeEmbossed / Embossed
Fire PropagationClass 0, according to BS 476 Part 6 & Part 7
Surface Spread of FlameClass 1, according to BS 476 Part 7
Smoke Development IndexClass A, according to ASTM E-84
Material for InsulationPIR (Polyisocyanurate)
Thermal Conductivity0.021 W/m.K
Density48 ± 3 Kg/m³
Water Vapour Transmission0.00 perms
Water Absorption0.03%
Air PressureUpto 2000 Pa
Air VelocityUpto 40 m/sec
Friction Coefficient0.013

Pre-Insulated Duct Panel

Pre-Insulated Duct by Zeco does not absorb water and prevents the deterioration of the insulation capacity and overload due to the liquid retained by the panels of ducts. Its mechanical adaptability to fit in any structure makes it a preferred. option. It is resistant to chemicals, and closed-cell structure does not allow microbial growth.

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